Advice from the Italian Spinone Club of Great Britain.


The Club operates a Puppy Register, so if you are interested in buying a Spinone Puppy please contact Alix Johnson on 01264 781913, or email: puppies@italianspinone.co.uk

Is a Spinone for you? Find out the good and bad things about owning a Spinone.

Do not buy a puppy from the first litter that you see, try to look at the breed as a whole. Visit some shows – Crufts, the Club show. Find out which lines have the type and nature that appeal to you.

Be prepared to wait for the right puppy, it is a 10-12 year commitment.

Find out about inherited defects for example have the parents been hip scored and tested for Cerebellar Ataxia.

Always see a puppy with its mother, and try to see the whole litter. A photograph of the sire if not the sire himself should be available to see.

A puppy should seem heavy for its size, it should smell clean, have bright and clear eyes with no discharge. Check the ears, nose and anus these too should be clean and free from discharge. Be wary of timid puppies that cower away.

Do not expect to take your pup home straight away. It should be eight weeks old by law.

Ask about feeding your pup, get a diet sheet and preferably some food to tide you over; a puppy’s diet should not be changed suddenly.

Ask about feeding the dog as an adult.

Ask about worming, inoculations, insurance, KC registration, etc.

These are just a few points to help you in the task of selecting a puppy. Remember that just because the litter was on the Spinone puppy register it does not mean that it is in any way endorsed or approved by the Club. The buying of a puppy is a civil contract between two people and whilst we hope you do not have any problems, if you do, it is not a matter that the Club can become involved in.

Remember take your time, be informed and you are likely to have a faithful friend for all its life.

Please contact Alix Johnson on 01264 781913, or email: puppies@italianspinone.co.uk . Sometimes we may not be able to reply straight away so please be patient if you don’t get an instant response.